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Matthew Jones lives in the UK.

If you want to contact him, please email him using his first name at the domain name you see this at.

Do not use the nice link below, which is a honeytrap for a spam filter.







Articles available

Code signing

Something that has bothered me for a while is the hassle in putting together all the pieces to sign my download files. I finally got around to looking it all up, and it isn't easy as you have to piece all the things together. I hope that this will give you an insight into how it can really work, since I managed to actually achieve what I wanted and sign my code. This article is a list of the steps I had to take, and you will probably need to review the commands yourself if you have problems. More...

EnTab for Windows

EnTab is a useful tool for replacing spaces at the start of each line of a file. Most such tools are 16-bit DOS tools, and not really suitable for integrating into modern Windows environments. EnTab for Windows is a free tool that will fit into your environment. More...

Actions for FinalBuilder

FinalBuilder is an essential tool for any developer. Whether you build a project daily or annually, it will save a lot of heartache and give you reliable builds every time. I've written custom actions to help me, and those fit for publication are here. More...

Email identify proof

As someone who has been victim to a spammer forging our email "from" address, and thus getting over 10,000 dounce emails a day for nearly ten days, I have a personal interest in making sure it doesn't happen again. The likes of the SPF (Sender Permitted From) therefore look interesting. But why can't it be much simpler? More...

Raize Components version 3

One of the great things about Delphi is that there is a good supply of third-party components available. As a long term user of Delphi my palette has grown in size and I now have over 80 pages to choose from. So any component set has to have something special to get me excited about it, particularly in the general user interface category where there is a lot of competition. Raize Components 3 (RC3 from now on) has a lot that is special, and the main thing it provides is “polish”. More...




Latest News

New download with EnTab for Windows. A developer tool for replacing spaces with tabs. This is ideal when you have used a source reformatter which can only output spaces.


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Code signing:

Code signing is getting more important for all levels of developer. Read my article on code-signing for applications. Particularly relevant as XP SP2 causes warnings that you can avoid, either free or at low cost.